Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free the fatty acids!

This is a four days per dietary treatment study. Obese and non-obese subjects were fed glucose and de novo lipogenesis, oxidation and glycogen synthesis were somehow tracked, don't ask how.

The obese subjects made less fat from glucose than the lean ones did. Not talking just triglyceride synthesis here, we're talking full-fledged synthesis of actual fatty acids from acetyl-coa produced from glucose.



This, nonetheless, supports the hypothesis that the increase in fat mass that occurs during the dynamic phase of obesity is essentially secondary to deposition of exogenous, dietary fats.


Notice the glycogen synthesis is higher in the overweight subjects both in the isocaloric feeding period and in the overfeeding period. Glycogen can be broken down into glucose; which can be made into glycerol-3-phosphate; which can be incorporated with free fatty acids into triglycerides; which can be stored. Anything that keeps glucose in the system has the potential to promote the storage of fat.

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